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We are a family run business since 2000, a humble takeaway run by proud wife and husband team, Sheena and Dan.

The original brains of the business was my dad, Jimmy AKA Shifu. He had over 40 years of experience in the industry, starting in the trade at the tender age of 13.  Before he hung his apron up to enjoy happy retirement, my dad passed on his wisdom and recipes to us and taught Dan the wonderful art and flare of Chinese cooking. 

Dan's childhood has always been heavily influenced by food with his dad being a Chef and a Baker. He used to help his dad in his bakery based in their hometown, South Lanarkshire, making pie shells at the crack of dawn before heading to school. Dan was actually a long term serving Joiner before changing career paths - who woulda thunk?

I have always been very involved in our family business from a young age. I used to eat my way through the menu - product testing, of course.  Helped bag prawn crackers, maybe stole one or two crackers every now and then. Did a little light labour in the kitchen which involved fetching kitchen utensils to my dad. I was then old enough to start serving customers, worked every weekend, left school and went to uni in Glasgow, after graduating I came back to Kirriemuir and took the reigns off my dad to run the business fully.

Never in a million years, would I have thought I would take over my parent's business. But guess it's in the blood, it was my calling and there was no escaping from it.

Dan and I took full control of the family business in 2015 and we decided to keep the trading name of 'Golden Palace' -  like they say, don't try and fix something that's not broken.  


We're absolute foodies.  We love to cook food, love to try new food and love to experiment with flavours. With our passion for food, we have brought a more modern approach to our takeaway. We love experimenting with flavours, creating fusion dishes, introducing authentic Cantonese dishes, bringing flavours from the Far East and of course, providing the ultimate classics of takeaway fares. We also offer Monthly Specials, something deliciously different every month.

Our motto for Golden Palace is a simple one: "good food, good mood".  We cook the delicious, tasty food and our food brings you joy and warm fuzzies, like a big hug from within. A belly full of satisfaction, nothing like a simple plate or bowl of goodness to make your day.

We would like take this opportunity to thank every one of you for your loyal custom over the years. Watching us grow and improve over the years, we could not have done it without your support - thank you! We hope to continue to serve all your bellies for many years to come.  


Big hugs,

Sheena and Dan 

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